Description of Russian Hair

Description of Russian Hair:

Why Russian hair? This remains the question of the day, as ‘Russian” has quickly become the catch phrase of hair extension terminology. Though there may be several reasons why an individual opts to wear hair extensions, a few ‘must-haves’ remain – ease of wear, value pricing and the most natural look. Due to its very unique attributes, Russian hair, naturally steps up to fulfill all the above requirements. With a finer hair shaft, and greater density per square inch, this grade provides you with the lightest feel possible, without compromising the look of volume. Virgin Russian hair offers a guarantee that your hair has not been previously chemically processed to alter its texture or colour. This means that the Russian hair extensions, wig, or hairpiece you purchase will have greater longevity, allowing you for at least 1.5 years of daily wear without replacement*.


Why is Russian hair the most expensive hair in the hair restoration market?



  • It has a lighter density and thinner hair shaft, so it gives you the most voluminous look, without feeling heavy


  • It is rare…unlike Chinese, Malaysian and Indian hair, which comes from a larger population base.


  • It is guaranteed to be unprocessed, or one-step processed (by the salon), so you will get the original texture and colour. For all you blondes out there, this means that your ponytails started blonde originally, meaning your extensions won’t turn brassy over time!


  • Most hairdressers will tell you that a head of fine hair with the greatest density per square inch is the most versatile head of hair to work with…it will do whatever you want! This means Russian hair will afford you:


  • Less blow dry time, easier hot-tool styling (flat irons, and curls more easily)


  • It lasts a very long time – most Russian hair lasts 1-2 years used as extensions or hairpiece and 4-5 years used as a wig or ponytail. You will only need to add hair depending on how much you shed – on average, about 1-2 ounces every 6 months to a year.


  • Generally, it tends to look the most natural out of all the hair grades. Stars that wear Russian include Tyra Banks, and Madonna.

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